Cooper Group

Board Level Services

Serving on a Board of Directors is a position of significant trust and responsibility. Never has “tone at the top” been as important as it is today. At the CooperGroup, our experiences allow us to share valuable insights with executives striving for high impact, best of class boards. What are board best practices? What are the commonalities, risk indicators, and lessons learned for the rash of recent scandals? What can board members do to set the right tone and provide oversight in areas such as risk management, ethics and compliance, controls and fraud prevention? Whether you need assistance with an Audit Committee Checklist, Best-Practice Benchmarking, Board Self-Assessment or Training, we can help.

The CooperGroup partners with thought leaders and experts in board practices, governance, law, fraud prevention, accounting and internal auditing to customize programs that include the training topics you select delivered during times that work best for you. Whether you prefer one hour presentations before board meetings or half and full day retreats, we will work with you to develop a solution that best meets your needs.

High Impact Forums. Bottom Line Sessions.
Because there is a premium placed on Board member’s time and attention, our
“High-Impact ” forums and “Bottom Line” series are uniquely effective: targeted, concise and exceptionally high in impact.