Cooper Group

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management and oversight is a critical element to building a strong ethical foundation. We have witnessed some of the greatest failures in corporate history due, in part, to excessive risk taking as well as not recognizing or managing systemic and strategic risks. In today’s tumultuous and complex environment, identifying and managing risk is more challenging and vital than ever.

Each day, new risks emerge that can potentially keep your organization from meeting its objectives. The CooperGroup will not only help facilitate your organization’s risk assessment, but will also equip your executives with the tools to ensure a sustainable risk program is in place. Enterprise Risk Management involves:

  • Identifying and managing cross-enterprise risks
  • Obtaining tools to provide a holistic view of risks
  • Implementing controls to mitigate risks
  • Aligning risk appetite and strategy
  • Creating robust board and C-level executive oversight

The Benefits:

  • Avoiding catastrophic losses
  • Protecting stakeholders
  • Enhancing risk response decisions
  • Reducing financial and operational surprises
  • Seizing opportunities
  • Improving deployment of capital

If your organization has never undertaken an Enterprise Risk Management Initiative, The CooperGroup offers a full range of services to help see you through. We can also perform an evaluation of your most recent risk assessment and recommend actions to bring it current.