Cooper Group


How do you transform an organization? One employee at a time. An organization’s employees are its most valuable resource. Untapped skills and frozen potential can impede even the strongest organization. Let The CooperGroup unlock that potential through training techniques that are engaging, insightful and highly motivating—techniques that draw in the most reluctant participant and draw out the best in all. While real change takes place at the individual level – from the staff level up to the board —your organization as a whole will reap the rewards when you’re able to harness the abilities of an informed and energized staff. Our experienced trainers will work with your team to customize solutions that meet your needs.

Training Areas:

Ethics: Strengthen your organizations ethical foundation to ensure long-term sustainable success.

Compliance: Implement a program to prevent unnecessary roadblocks to your success by ensuring that employees understand and comply with policies, laws and regulations.

Board: Benefit from a strong and unwavering tone at the top.

Fraud Prevention and Detection: Keep fraud at bay by implementing prevention and detection techniques.

Internal Audit: Extract maximum value from your internal audit function.