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Keynote Presentations


  • Glass House, 2.0: How Building a Culture of Transparency Can Strengthen Your Organization
  • The Three S’s of Ethical Decision Making
  • Tone at the Top: Setting the Bar High and Integrating Core Values throughout the Corporate Culture
  • Building a Solid Ethical Foundation for Your Team
  • The Slippery Slope: Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions; Practical Strategies to Help Sort Through Ethical Dilemmas and Make the Right Choices
  • How Bright Lines Can Fade to Shades of Gray: Navigating Everyday Problems and Ethical Dilemmas
  • Thinking Instead of Sinking: 10 Steps to Help Keep Your Head Up and Your Ethics Intact as You Navigate Life's Storms

Current Economic Crises and Recent Scandals

  • The Recent Corporate Scandals: Commonalities, Risk Indicators and Lessons Learned
  • The Current Economic Crises: Causes, Lessons Learned
  • WorldCom: Unraveling the Largest Corporate Fraud in History
  • HealthSouth: Anatomy of a Corporate Healthcare Scandal

Fraud Prevention and Detection

  • Who Commits Fraud and Why?
  • What Organizations Can Do to Minimize Fraud
  • Betting the House: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Avoiding Scandal: How Each Stakeholder Can Play a Key Role
  • A Scandal Has Occurred: What to Expect in the Aftermath and How to Move the Organization Forward
  • Internal Controls: Everybody’s Business

Leadership Tools / Motivational

  • Ethical Leadership: The Way Forward for Corporate America
  • Realizing your Full potential: 15 Qualities to Help Tap the Leader in Each of Us
  • Leading with Integrity
  • Defining Moments: Overcoming Obstacles to Realize Your Full Potential
  • Embracing Adversity and Change: Finding Opportunities to Make a Positive Difference
  • Moving Forward from a Setback
  • Attitude: How It Can Make or Break Success, Happiness and Your Outlook on Life
  • Motivation: Ten Principles to Creating High Performance Teams
  • Teaming with Possibility: Tapping into Unlimited Human Potential through Teamwork
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